Types of hosting – pros and cons

How to find a reliable web hosting company for my business? You surely have asked yourself that question if you came to this web site. The problem most Internet users experience today is that there are a lot of companies out there offering free website hosting, or shared hosting or VPS servers. In most cases people are not sure what they need for their daily activity on the web. Here we are going to compare the three most popular types of hosting services and point out their pros and cons.

Free hosting – pros and cons

Web HostingFree web hosting is the perfect choice if you don’t have any experience yet with managing your own website. You can see how things work firsthand and make a small but important start of your business online completely free. On the other side of the coin this type of hosting is suitable for very small websites that won’t drive too much traffic and not all companies provide support if anything goes wrong. So if at some point your business online grows a lot and more visitors come to your web site or blog, you may need to consider upgrading to a shared hosting.

Shared hosting – pros and cons

Shared professional web hosting is a low-priced and very good hosting solution for those whose goal is reliability and great support for their small or medium-sized web sites. It has the benefits of the free website hosting but is suitable to handle more traffic and if you experience any kind of problems – you will receive adequate support. On the other hand if the amount of traffic continues to increase or you are running web sites with very resource-consuming scripts you may need to consider upgrading to VPS.

VPS hosting – pros and cons

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS hosting gives you more resources than the regular shared hosting and is suitable for businesses with large web sites which drive a lot of traffic or for people who just want to be sure that they have a dedicated amount of RAM and CPU and they can run heavier sites or stores. The only problem is that you may purchase a VPS with more resources than you actually need, so before upgrading, you may want to consult with the hosting company’s support team.