Top VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual PrVPS Hostingivate Server. VPS hosting is often popular with developers who need more resources than the shared hosting can provide. Basically you get a server with a great amount of RAM and CPU power but without the need of paying more money for a dedicated server. Here are some tips you may find useful about choosing a good VPS hosting provider.

1.Make sure you know how much resources you need. A common mistake of buying a new VPS is that people don’t always know how much RAM for instance they need to run their web sites. If you are not sure which VPS hosting plan suits you then you should contact the hosting company’s support. Otherwise you may spend your money for resources you may never use.

2.Make sure that the VPS hosting provider offers a control panel. If you never handled with Linux before and you are not familiar with the commands and how to install and configure all you need, you should look for a VPS hosting provider that offers a easy-to-use control panel where you can add, remove and configure what you need.

3.Make sure that you can upgrade the VPS’ features. There may be a moment when you are going to need more resources for your web sites. A good VPS hosting provider should allow you to upgrade your server according to your needs of RAM, bandwidth, disk space and additional IP addresses so having an upgrade option should be considered as a big plus.