Top Shared Hosting

Shared HostingShared professional web hosting is the most popular choice among people who want to have their website or blog running easily with a few simple steps. Now let’s take a look at the features a good hosting provider should offer:

- Reliable support. No matter what kind of parameters you need such as disk space, bandwidth, etc. you need, you should check out the support. The perfect support is the one that answers to the tickets quickly and has enough experience to help you and guide you to solve the problem you have and is available 24/7.

- Unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You never know exactly how much of these your website will need. So why choose plans with limits when you can get guaranteed unlimited traffic and space to host all the web sites you have? What if your company somehow gets mentioned in a newspaper or an online magazine? Hundreds or thousands of users will visit your website. If your professional web hosting company offers such features you will benefit from it.

- Email. One of the easiest ways for your visitors to contact you is by email. Make sure that the web hosting company allows to be created enough email accounts and auto-responders. People always feel better when they receive a well-written response (even automated) saying that their inquiry will be reviewed and answered.

- Uptime guarantee. Make sure that the professional web hosting provider has at least 99% uptime guarantee. This will ensure that you will never experience any continuous downtime and people will be able to visit your web site anytime they want to.