5 Small Businesses That Are Making a Killing Online


1. KissMetrics

An amazing example of a small business that’s doing quite good with their online presence is KissMetrics. The company founded by Neil Patel is a great source of information that’s actually useful, valuable or just plain fun. Thus results in a natural sharing process – people like the content and they share it via social media, generating traffic, strengthening the brand name and increasing profit.

2. Martell Home Builders

This Canadian homebuilding company used to be driven mainly by realtors to generate new business and keep growing. Recently when they started using social media it became much easier for them to communicate directly with consumers, cutting out the middleman in the process. They devised a clever content marketing strategy that resonated well with their customers and what they were looking for. As a result almost 90 per cent of their customers come from their social media efforts.

3. OptimalRun

A personalized experience is going to sell many more products, turns out. With OptimalRun people were able to post their question about shoes they wanted to buy and the staff would reply to them with video that answers the question and compares the shoes the client asked for with another pair, showcasing advantages, etc. Not only did they make more sales but clients were very satisfied by the whole experience which is always nice for worth-of-mouth marketing.

4. Giantnerd

They are a business that deals with equipment for outdoor activities – biking, skiing, etc. This is one of the companies that’s doing so great online because of their focus on giving their customers bigger value and forming a friendship with them while doing so. For example Giantnerd‘s website is quite unique with the kind of integration with social media. It’s not the usual social buttons you’d expect but a dedicated social network for their members where discounts and promotions are shared as an incentive to join.

5.  Cupcake Royale

An awesome example of a small business doing well on Facebook is small local cupcake shop called Cupcake Royale. What they do is they ask their fans for new flavors and new kinds of cupcakes that they’d like to see. Basically they’re using Facebook as a tool to sample and poll their user base. This may seem like something that isn’t so clever or innovative but actually very few small businesses do it. That’s definitely a loss on their part because it works and builds loyalty towards the brand in the long term.