How to Choose a Hosting Provider For My Joomla Website

joomla web hosting selection


Choosing a hosting service can seem a little overwhelming. Knowing what to research when choosing a provider will give you a head start in the hosting selection process. The three attributes of hosting providers considered in this article are services, business standards, and cost.


Customer service

This is incredibly important, especially for inexperienced website owners. If something goes wrong on your website, does the hosting company have someone available to get your Joomla web hosting back in top-notch working order? Is customer support handled by phone, email, or chat? If you are going to need help along the way, quality customer service can be an invaluable novice website owner resource.


Are you expecting a flood of visitors after launch? Do you need more storage space? You need to make sure that the hosting plan you select can handle the traffic you attract. As a rule of thumb, the more content and design you put into your website, the more bandwidth is needed to ensure your visitors have a good experience.

Insufficient bandwidth causes slow website load times. Slow load times are guaranteed to drive visitors away. In the future, consider periodic market research to determine your bandwidth needs.


How long has the hosting company been in business? In an age of cyber-startups and fly-by-night tech companies, you need the assurance that your website content will be available to you for the long run. Do your research and find feedback from current and past customers.

Business standards

Dedicated CMS support

Not all hosting services are created equal. Some hosting companies specialize in hosting specific content management systems and provide faster website load times. As a rule, look for your CMS in the title of the company, such as Joomla Web Hosting. Also, be on the lookout for one-click installs that simplify the CMS installation and save you hours when getting started.

Environmental impact

Sure, you may like Joomla web hosting company, but do their company values reflect your green sensibilities? Some companies try to offset energy usage with renewable sources. Look into the sustainable ethics of the company before you hand over the cash.

How can I tell which hosting company is right for me?

Choosing a hosting service can seem a little overwhelming. Should I go with the big guy, or would I be better off with a smaller, not-as-well-known operation? The following article provides several points of comparison to help determine which hosting company will best fill your needs.


Upfront price

Yes, prices do matter. You’ll need to consider the cost of hosting services. Remember that many advertised monthly prices are for bulk billing. Are you ready to commit to purchasing a year of hosting services? Two years? Three months?

Try not to purchase hosting until your website is already developed. This helps to avoid wasted hosting for a site that isn’t prepared to launch.


Many hosting providers charge more for additional services. Do you need SSL to protect sensitive information that is passed to and from your website? Do you want a dedicated rather than shared server? It probably costs a little something extra. Always remember that the teaser costs that drew you to Joomla web hosting are usually more than you thought they would be at first blush.


Finding the right host can seem pretty overwhelming. This list is a decent starting point for the budding website owner. Don’t give up too soon, compare your needs with each companies offerings, and you’re sure to find the right hosting provider for you and your content.