Drive More Traffic to a New Website in 3 Easy Steps

952332_75545014In the past few years I’ve been making quite a few websites and blogs, trying out different things – what works and what doesn’t in terms of website structure, themes and link building. That being the case I have developed a list general guidelines to follow when creating a new blog. Are you about to start a new blog yourself? Follow these recommendations in order to make the process a little less intimidating.

#1. Get a WordPress theme that’s SEO optimized

The simpler and streamlined the better – something likeĀ Heatmap theme will be perfect. It’s a theme that’s developed for the SEO and internet marketing niches but it can be customized for anything.

The cool thing about it is how easy it is to monetize your site. You can put banners literary everywhere on any page which is perfect for a blog. There’s a premium and a free version which doesn’t have all the features as the paid one.

#2. Put effort into the content you publish

You want to be seen as an authority for your niche which may be a little daunting to think about when you know there’re literary millions of other articles about the subject. You need a way to look better than the competition and it’s not that complicated. Just write longer articles, preferably over 1000 words long. Do a web search for any keyword and you’ll find quite a lot of fluff in the form of 300-500 word articles that don’t give any real value. That’s one of the reasons search engines like Google reward longer pieces. I’ve been able to rank for smaller competition keywords within just a few days only with the few articles I’ve written on the topic that were over 1000 words.

Interlinking between your articles is very important for user experience and Google rewards that. Take a look at a Wikipedia page. It’s clean, doesn’t bug you with advertisements and has contextual links pointing to other articles. This is great for a user that is looking for certain information and you’re making it easier for them to access it. This will help you get natural organic search traffic in the long run.

#3. Website promotion and indexation

The best thing to about a new blog or website is to establish a social media presence on as many social platforms as possible. That will give you some high quality backlinks and a trickle of traffic which has the potential to grow with your followers/fans. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Reddit – create a profile/page with all these and link back to your site. Start posting relevant content to these channels. Use a plugin that automatically posts every article you publish to all these platforms.

For even more free backlinks, post your RSS feed to as many directories as you can find. This way you’re increasing the chances of your content being picked up by other websites which further establishes your authority in the field and can earn you some more backlinks to boost your rankings and traffic.